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Trump Tears CNN Apart

by on Jan.12, 2017, under Latest News

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President-elect Donald J. Trump made an important concession about Russia. He criticized American intelligence officials. He sparred with reporters and denounced “fake news.”

Near the end of the news conference, Mr. Trump got into a shouting match with Jim Acosta of CNN, who tried to press the president-elect into taking a question. “Since you were attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance?” Mr. Acosta asked. To which Mr. Trump replied, “Your organization’s terrible,” and “don’t be rude,” before dismissing the request once and for all, “You are fake news.”

Mr. Trump reiterated his description of the report printed by BuzzFeed as “fake news,” saying he did not think Mr. Putin had compromising information about him or the Republican Party. “I’ll be honest, if he did have something, he would have released it,” he said.

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Nudism as a Way of Life

by on Jan.10, 2017, under Latest News

The elderly newcomer wanted to make friends, so he took off his pants and waved hello.

Gloria Wright was going about her morning, talking with her neighbors outside their trailers, when this gray-haired visitor drove inside the campground, stepped out of his truck and stood in the hot sunshine before them wearing nothing but a red T-shirt and flip-flops. And everyone just yawned.

This is what sometimes passes for an icebreaker at the Cherry Lane Nudist Resort in North Adams, secluded among farms on the state’s south side, where adults can wander naked and free, like overgrown babes in the woods. The resort is like a typical RV campground where people can swim, barbecue and hang out. Only difference is, everyone’s naked most of the time.

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Wild Card Weekend is the Most Lopsided Since 1981

by on Jan.09, 2017, under Latest News, Sports

NFL Playoffs

This weekend’s four wild card games had a total margin of victory of 76 points. The 19.0 point differential average is the highest of any wild card weekend since 1981.

This isn’t really so surprising considering the contenders with a strong playoff history and home-field advantage (Steelers, Seahawks, Packers). The two wild card opponents are stumbling into the playoffs with backup and third-string quarterbacks (Raiders, Dolphins). Even a team that hadn’t won a road playoff game since 1957 (Lions)!

The Texans and Giants performances surprised us for different reasons. Who would have guessed that a team, led by six-foot-eight backup quarterback Brock Osweiler, would beat the 12-4 Raiders by 13 points? And who could have predicted New York’s 25-point beating at the hands of the Packers, especially considering how well they had played so far?

Let’s hope the chaff us gone and only quality, close games are ahead for our viewing enjoyment.


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