Rapper and singer Lizzo, 28, is known for self-love anthems “Good as Hell” and “Scuse Me.” In this video, she explains how a sexy music video costume and some fake lashes unlocked new levels of [More]
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Just in time for the airing of the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a DC-based feminist group launched a fake website promoting the “PINK Loves CONSENT” panty line. The website is pinklovesconsent.com.
Alleged gangbanger Jeremy Meeks takes quite a mug shot. No jury in the world would convict someone this foxy…for a second time.
Dropping Panties in Public (GONE SEXUAL) – Funny Pranks 2015 For more video please follow us
Quand Etam se la Joue à la Victoria’s Secret, cela donne un très Joli Défilé en Musique Avec de Nombreuses Artistes invitées, dont Selah Sue, Lily Allen, en Live. Bref une Réussite ¤¤¤ Peace Music [More]